May 15, 2017

How to fill prescriptions online?

Filling online prescriptionFilling a prescription online is not that difficult task like you would have thought. You might have to fill up a questionnaire regarding yourself, your insurance and about your medication. Nowadays buying pet meds has also become hassle-free. There are many sites which provide pet medications online but depending upon your prescription if it is new or real, the drug dispenser would contact your doctor to verify the authenticity of your script and also to claim your insurance if required. Once these processes have been done, your script and the drugs get delivered to the address you have provided.

Steps to fill a prescription online

Login or create a new account

An existing user can just log in the online pharmacy portal. New users have to create a new account over the internet pharmacy in order to fill a prescription or even to refill for that matter. A new account is created in order to ensure the privacy and security where your information shall be stored for future reference.

Creating a patient profile

To fill a prescription, the online pharmacists have to obtain certain basic information about the patient for whom the drug was being prescribed. The profile of a patient includes the patient’s name, age, gender, and other information relating to the medical condition that the patient might wish to share. Your account can include many patient profiles.

Creating a profile for insurance which is optional

If you opt for insurance to pay for your prescription, there can be a need of basic information of yours like group name and number your name on the card, contact number, card ID and also your relationship to the primary insured member.  Your co-pay will not be included in the total while checking out. However, your co-pay will be added to your order total following the verification or adjudication of your insurance. You can also contact your insurance plan team if you seek more information regarding your co-pay.

Creating a doctor profile

In order to create a profile for the doctor to fill a script, the details that are required are name, city, state, phone details and also fax number of the physician who issued you the Rx. The online pharmacy’s consultants will call the doctor in order to confirm the authenticity of the Rx and will also verify certain related information.

Reviewing the prescription

The most important step in filling up a prescription online is to review the script itself. You can add, edit or delete any information which you feel is of no importance or those that you have ignored to add before. You can modify anything you want in this section and check your complete profile before submitting it, meaning before you add your script to the shopping cart or before you check out of the site. Certain scripts will be reviewed that are deemed necessary for the law either by contacting your doctor or your pharmacist.

Prescription Confirmation

This step confirms that your prescription has been added to the shopping cart and lists out other options like filling a new script again or refilling or checking out of the site.