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Renova, also known as tretinoin cream is a form of Vitamin that is used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration, reduce rough patches and enhances skin color and appearance. Tretinoin belongs to a class of medication known as Retinoids that works by affecting the growth of skin cells. This cream should be used as a part of complete skin care program and should not be exposed to sunlight. Usage of sunscreen and moisturizer will be of great help while using this cream. Renova is helpful in treating various skin conditions including acne.

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Renova is a prescription medicine that is used to control the formation of fine wrinkles and lines. With the increasing number of people being affected by various kind of skin diseases and other skin complications, the role of dermatologist has gained prominence in the recent times. Individuals should purchase skin care medications only after consulting the skin care expert. But now, with the increasing number of online pharmacies, skin care products can be availed without any distress. People can easily choose to purchase Renova skin care cream online. The cream might not work the same way in all body types. It might be highly effective in some people whereas in others it can be least effective in others. Renova has the ability to make your treated skin become sensitive when exposed to sunlight. So before you buy Renova make sure that your skin is not allergic to certain cosmetics, soaps, hair removers, astringents, cleansers, shampoos or any other skin medicines.